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Concealed Weapons Course

February 26 2022

Concealed Weapons Permit Course





This event will be held at a local gun range.

The event will consist of All-in-one basic pistol shooting & CWP.

Class learning points: Gun safety, range safety, range etiquette, firearm handling-load, unload, and make a gun safe, Techniques-grip, stance, trigger control, sight picture and sight alignment, castle doctrine, places you can carry a gun concealed and places you can’t, carry techniques, proper mindset, type of ammunition and more. The class also includes .22 LR pistol with ammunition for qualification, hearing & eye protection, targets, and certificate of completion.


This class is 4 hours long, and you are required to stay the full 4 hours after the class we will head to the range to complete the shooting part. RANGE Fees will be paid by YOU, ball caps are recommended for the range. Retail cost of this class is $140.00. Our discounted price is as following: 

Fees: Active TBAN brothers (your dues must be paid before this event to get price) $65.00  Non-active TBAN brothers-$75.00  Family & Friend-$85.00  Spots are limited to only the 1st 12 people. Payment must be completed to TBAN when you RSVP.


Seats are limited.  If you are interested let us know how many seats you will like reserve.  Thank you

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